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    Our mission is to provide essential services while helping the homeless find housing with an emphasis on LGBTQ+ youth and Veterans

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    A Personal Space

    Instilling dignity back into all of our recipients

    • Minimalist housing
    • Electricity and water
    • All necessities met
    • 1-2 people per unit
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    Permanent and Temporary Options

  • Building Back Community

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    The Gray Coalition was formed out of the concern for LGBTQ+ youth and Veterans who are experiencing homelessness.

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    We use all of our funding to give back into the community and to build our shelter community

This complete rule set was posted here to show transparency between all users so that it can be referred to as a guideline to hold all accountable to these standards of operating limits.
 1. Remove your bias when you get on to moderate 
 2. Make your judgements equal and aligned with the correct course of action for every decision
 3. Avoid all swear words.
 a. If you’re not sure if it’s a swear word, then just don’t use it.
 4. Be inclusive to all genders. 
 a. Refer to our users with the pronouns (you, you’re, your, y’all, you all, they, them, their).
 b. If they’ve given you preferred pronouns, use those pronouns.
 c. Try not to assume anyone’s gender(going out of your way to misgender is an automatic repreparation and 48 hour ban, 2nd infraction is an automatic permanent ban).
 d. Never refer to anyone as an “it.”
 5. Start every FB live conversation with your name and your preferred pronouns
 6. If you see someone being insensitive online you can do one of two things
 a. 1. Correct the situation by giving them a warning and publicly address the issue
 b. 2. Block them or remove them from the conversation entirely and publicly address the issue.
 c. Don’t repeat their comments, just post this: 
 i. Inappropriate material was either posted by a follower and we apologize for anyone who may have come across it and we have addressed the issue by removing the poster/poster’s comments
 7. If someone has a complaint and you don’t feel confident in dealing with it, send their comment to a moderator and inform the user with this message:
 a. I have forwarded our conversation to one of our oversight specialists and you should be hearing from them shortly.
 8. If someone reaches out for support needs, please send their contact information to info@graycoalition.com
 a. Send them this in a personal message:
  9. Always be kind, courteous, professional, and check your grammar and spelling always.
Regulations regarding banning.
All matters of banning will be put under a 12-hour investigation period in that time it will be researched than discussed before a verdict to ban has been concluded and correct courses of action are taken with regard to all parties involved. Any public out lash to our decisions must be addressed within an 8-hour period.
As stated above going out of your way to misgender is an automatic reprimanding and 48-hour ban, 2nd infraction is (upon investigation) an automatic permanent ban. Any and all attacks on a person’s visually represented lifestyle such as way of dress or religious belief will follow the same process.
Any and all discussions related to things such as religion politics or lifestyle (RPL) that does not directly effect the nature of what goes on within the organization must be regarded as possible toxic conversation pieces and derailing pieces and must be avoided. These are topics that are off limits to the moderators and the correct courses of action must be taken as soon as these come up.
Ruleset to handling (RPL) infractions.
1. the parties involved must be messaged that it was inappropriate that it was brought up
2. the thread must be immediately taken down.
3. If any of the parties involved attempt to reignite the issue they receive a warning and 1-hr ban.
4. Any attempts to ignite further issues in relation to disregarding bylaws and moderator contact must be automatically addressed out of the public eye (never publicly acknowledge names or users directly in regard to decisions made)
5. Igniting issues with intent of attempts of directly negatively impacting the community its moderators, board members, and community members alike is not tolerated and will be addressed with a choice as to whether or not a ban will be made is up to the moderators and board.
6. Always leave open room for members to directly contact the moderators within a 12 hour period or sooner. Any desire to address board members from community members must be directed to the board at next meeting or sooner.
7. No outside issue can be brought into the open forum about current or past members of the group and any and all issues are allowed to be brought to the moderator staff so that issues don’t get out of hand
This material contained in our response and any material or information disclosed during discussions of any meeting represents the proprietary, confidential information pertaining to our services, methodologies and methods. Other products name and brand may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners. Members should not disclose any information regarding other members of the coalition without prior consent from said member.
Please DO NOT use our platform to cause any discomfort to any member or we will we ask you to leave and not come back. This includes using this platform to flirt with, out, misgender, or purposefully wrong someone in any way during our meetings. This is a zero-tolerance policy.